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Anal Fistula (Fistula-in-ano) - Dr. Arnab Ray
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Anal Fistula (Fistula-in-ano)

Is anaesthesia required for Ksharasutra procedure ?

Yes, for ano-rectal surgeries spinal or general anaesthesia is required; rarely small fistulae and external piles are operated under local anaesthesia. Pilo- nidal sinus and ganglion can be commonly operated under local infiltration anaesthesia.

Is hospitalization required in surgery with Ksharasutra ?

It depends on type of anaesthesia and surgery. For all surgeries performed under spinal or general anaesthesia hospitalization is required. Patients undergoing surgeries performed under local anaesthesia are discharged on the same day.

How long hospitalization is required ?

For piles and anal fissure surgery a hospital stay of 3-5 days is required; for primary threading in anal fistula the patient is discharged within 48 hours after surgery. In anal fistula patient needs to attend hospital for changing of ksharasutra on regular basis at an interval of 3 or 7 days. For changing of thread hospitalization is not required. This changing of thread continues for several weeks depending on the length of the fistula tract and condition of the patient. Study shows the fistula tract is cut at the rate of 0.5cm/week. So if one has a tract of 5cm, 10+ weeks are required to cut the tract.

Is changing of Ksharasutra a painful procedure ?

During the initial days, this procedure is a bit painful which can be managed by local fomentation, application of medicines and / or local anaesthesia. Gradually, the pain sensation decreases during successive changings.

What are the investigations done here ?

  • Inquiry about the problem is conducted by the surgeon.
  • Inspection of the area of the disease.
  • If required, per rectal examination using his finger may be done.
  • Investigations like Probing, Proctoscopy, Colonoscopy, Sinography, CT Scan, MRI, Biopsy, Pus culture etc. are conducted as per requirement.
  • Routine blood investigations, ECG, X-rays are often prescribed for anaesthetic and surgical fitness.

What are the Merits of Ksharasutra theraphy in anal fistula ?

  • Very less incidence of recurrence.
  • least chance of post surgery stool incontinence.
  • Minimal invasive surgery.
  • Minimum blood loss.
  • Cutting of tract and its healing goes on simultaneously.
  • Can be performed in elderly patients
  • Can be performed in diabetic patients
  • Less hospital stay
  • Patient can continue normal life after a sitting of Ksharasutra change

What are the Demerits of Ksharasutra therapy in anal fistula ?

  • Treatment continues for several weeks.
  • Discontinuation of treatment by patient due to improper understanding of subject and lack of motivation.

Is there any guarantee that anal fistula will never recur after Ksharasutra
therapy ?

No such guarantee. Recurrence rate has been reported in studies; but it is negligible in comparison to conventional fistulectomy. For further information

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