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Piles / Haemorrhoids - Dr. Arnab Ray
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Piles / Haemorrhoids

What is External piles ?

  • External haemorrhoids originate below the dentate line. They are bulging around the anal verge, very painful when inflamed, sometimes itchy.

What is Internal piles ?

  • Internal haemorrhoids originate above the dentate line. They bleed very often.

What are the degrees of haemorrhoids ?

  • There are four degrees of internal haemorrhoids:
    • First degree: No prolapse
    • Second degree: Prolapse on straining and reduce spontaneously
    • Third degree: Prolapse on straining, manually reducible
    • Fourth degree: Parmanently prolapsed, can not be reduced manually
  • There is no such classification of external haemorrhoids

Is surgery the only treatment of piles ?

  • No.
  • Primarily, various Ayurvedic medicinal treatments are advised to stop bleeding. Ksharakarma (local application of alkaline herbal paste) is often advised to shrink the first and second degree internal piles masses.
  • The third and fourth degree haemorrhoids are ligated with ksharasutra.

Is anaesthesia required for ksharasutra ligation ?

  • Yes, any type of surgical intervention causing anal dilation requires suitable anaesthesia. Commonly, these surgeries are performed under saddle block anaesthesia. External skin tags can be removed under local anaesthesia.

Is anaesthesia required for ksharakarma (local application of alkaline herbal
paste) ?

  • No. Ksharakarma does not require any anaesthesia. A slit proctoscope is inserted and the paste is applied with care.

Is hospitalization required for ksharasutra treatment ?

  • Ksharasutra ligation performed under saddle block requires hospitalization. The period of hospitalization may vary from 24 hours to 72 hours. The procedure performed under local anaesthesia may be discharged on same day.
  • Ksharakarma is performed on day care basis.

How does ksharasutra ligation work ?

  • Strangulation of haemorrhoidal mass causes ischaemic necrosis. The kshara in the thread causes sclerosis of local tissue.

How does ksharakarma work ?

  • Kshara being sclerosing agent causes sclerosis of the local tissue.

Is there any guarantee that piles will never recur after treatment with
ksharasutra ?

  • No such guarantee, but the incidence of recurrence is less as it cuts the swollen mass as well as sclerose the local tissue.

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