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Pilo Nidal Sinus - Dr. Arnab Ray
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Pilo Nidal Sinus

How pilo-nidal sinus is diagnosed ?

  • Mostly clinically.
  • Investigations like sinography, x-ray of lumbo-sacral spine are often advised to evaluate the extent of the tract and to exclude any underlying pathology of vertebral coloumn.

What type of anaesthesia is required for this surgery ?

Primary threading and changing of thread are usually performed under local anaesthesia. In some cases general anaesthesia is required.

How long the treatment continues ?

The objective of the treatment in pilo-nidal sinus with ksharasutra is to facilitate drainage of pus and collected discharge and to promote granulation at the base of the ulcer. The treatment continues as long as the wound is completely healed up.

What are the merit of ksharasutra therapy in pilo-nidal sinus ?

  • Minimally invasive procedure.
  • Less chance of recurrence.
  • Treated on day-care basis.

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