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Sitz bath - Dr. Arnab Ray
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Sitz bath

What is Sitz bath ?

A sitz bath (also called a hip bath) is a type of bath in which only the hips and buttocks are soaked in water. Its name comes from the German word “sitzenbad”. “sitzen,” meaning “to sit” and “bad” means “bath.”

How Sitz bath is taken ?

3-4 inches of water is taken in a plastic tub of optimum size. One should sit in such way that the perineum (the space between the anus and vulva or scrotum) and buttock are dipped into the water. The legs willremain outside the tub. The special device which fits into the toilet bowl is also used for this purpose.

What will be the quality of water ?

Water may be lukewarm or cold. Follow your doctor’s advice.

How much time one shouId sit in ?

10-15 minutes for 3-4 times/day or as per your doctor’s advice.

What are the risk factors ?

  • Very little risk of harm.
  • Wound infection may occur if the plastic tub is not cleaned properly.
  • Some individuals may experience sweating and vertigo during sitz bath, they should immediately discontinue the bath and take rest in horizontal position in a comfortably cold and airy room for a while and consult a doctor.


  • Check the heat of water before sitting.
  • Do not take a sitz bath in a hot, humid and stuffy room.
  • Always keep yourself accessible when you are taking sitz bath. Do not sit in a locked room.
  • Cleanse the tub properly before and after sitz bath.

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